The Future Is AI

Medical: The fact that Artificial Intelligence can provide accurate predictions in various fields has already caught the attention of various medical specialists. The data present in the medical industry is robust, which can be used to create predictive models in medicine. AI gives rise to the possibility of making healthcare available for all at low-cost diagnoses. AI can help improve the experience of healthcare practitioners, enabling them to spend more time in direct patient care and reducing burnout.

Automotive: The automotive sector is not untouched by the advent of AI. Navigation systems, talking server communications have been in the market for longer than we can imagine. After auto-directing maps, the primary focus has shifted towards self-driven cars. As AI technologies mature, they will provide many enhanced virtual assistants to their users for better performance: such as Tesla has introduced TeslaBot, an intelligent virtual assistant.

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity fronts the stack of concerns in mind for many business leaders because of cybersecurity breaches throughout 2020 it becomes a matter of concern as data is becoming the grounds for the success of a business. During the global pandemic, cyberattacks rose 600% as hackers saw it as an opportunity to capitalize on people working from home. Many AI systems are being developed to detect data breaches and build successful technologies with security features. AI’s ability to analyze massive data with lightning speed means that security threats can be seen in real-time or even predicted based on risk modeling. 

Ecommerce: Imagine checking a product online for a few days and on a bright sunny afternoon when you’re about to click on the “buy now” button you hear a mechanic noise outside your window, it’s a drone with a package that has the same product which you were checking online seconds ago but out of suspiciousness you return the package and go back in the house mumbling but then after realizing that you needed that product, you order it again, your kids will probably think you’ve lost it. The major point here is that the eCommerce platforms use artificial intelligence and machine learning software to track your activities on the web and deliver you the product before you buy it. A fun fact about the eCommerce platforms is that they might not even stock the product a few days back, which you’ve ordered and that’s possible because of the results given by the artificial intelligence working for the same. The advent of AI in eCommerce is currently having no limits: whether it is serving customers better or maintaining the security of your eCommerce, it has a place everywhere. The eCommerce industry can become a game-changer and more efficient with the help of AI Solutions.

Job research: AI-driven application processing is becoming more creative and effective over time; it also frees up time for recruiters to focus more on getting to know their top applicants and making more informed hiring decisions. They now have access to both more and better job candidates than ever before with AI. 

It’s widely assumed that the advent of AI will put an end to many traditional jobs, and that is not entirely true. The advancement of new technology hinders the old practices followed in the market but always brings more unique jobs and fields. AI is set to create 58 million new jobs by the year 2022. In the year 2019, the Indian market in the field of AI has doubled its size.

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