Digital Emotions

The digital era says there is no more digital strategy, it is just the strategy in the digital world existing. No doubt Technology is a boon to us. Both pretty and dark side of technology are serving both good and bad people, respectively. The miracle of decade has changed everything now.

Steve Jobs said,” Technology is nothing, what important is you have faith in people and they are basically smart and good,
if you give them tools, they will do wonderful things with them”. Even the delegates of our times didn’t have enough time to forecast what technology can bring.

Modern achievements are definitely deeds of appreciation.
The world-ending potential innately comes with the technology breakthroughs and innovations, in fact, remarkable

The outrageous “Web” has been the top example of our time. Web makes it simple but significant too. Web is cute but a devil inside. I call web “The precious evil”. Study says every second of every day, 18 people become victim of cybercrime. By the time you read this essay of 5 mins, 5400 people will be victim somewhere in some form. Scammers are everywhere. The theory of UPPERCASE and lowercase are not going to protect us. Don’t you think so?

I remember when I keylogged my teacher’s system and leaked question papers 24 hours before the examination. My classmate, who is really a good programmer now, got to know this. The curiosity was driving him. When I last met him, he took me back to the same incident, and he admired the spark that I used to have during those days. I held my cup of coffee and took a sip, and said “The essence of the spark within ourselves should never be forgotten”. I believe one spark can ignite the world. I never invited popularity because it invades peace.
Someone, Somewhere, Sometime. “Hello, brother. I love my girlfriend so much and I want you to hack her Facebook account for me, I want to know her more”. I have mixed digital emotions for this guy. These are stupid people, but I think they were put on the planet to test my anger management skills.

What’s love in the digital age?
I get digital emotions when I feel Love is Mistaken. In fact I have mixed
digital emotions. Einstein said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” We are getting far from our loved ones and getting closer to the unknown. You give them the warm place in your heart and congrats “You are hurt again”. Some people they meet here and like each other, get close, love each other, marry each other and then without a real meeting , they breakup. People simply love these days.

“Once upon a time”
A lot of stories are there. I benumb how many are still untold. Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. We simply miss moments. We realize late before we act. We miss where we actually could have put things right. We lament all these as a prisoner who was free but bounded by the agony of untold story.

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