Digital Economy: Developing in a developing Country

Tourism And Digital Wallet

Tourism is one of the promising industry in developing country like Nepal. This is one of the potent sector where government is eager to provide subsidy as well. It would be hare- brained to overlook the impact of tourism industry in overall national economy and subsequent effort of digital economy adding flavors to the industry. This is the true potential market where both industry and digital economy complement each other to a greater extent.


A simple observation is people will only spend if it is easier to spend. Tourism has mature to a level, but even there is no doubt, it needs catalyst to prosper in swifter. Though the below mentioned strategy addresses foreign tourists but the domestic tourism also has a strong correlation.



1. Developing in-App blog that describes all about, places, food, culture, maps and about amusement parks.

2. Being a friend first and business later App meaning that it must be very helpful and a team of extremely proficient people on the support.

3. Once App welcomes our tourist well, the traffic is ours.

4. Help them book best hotels, airlines at cheaper cost and assist them to book the tour packages.

5. Help them book tickets for amusement parks, fun and adventure activities.

6. Help them navigate to the best guides from our portal. A rating can be given to guide helping them to find the best one with best price.

7. Ensuring best price on everything will help them to know that this app has no hidden charges and will make them aware of the high charges from outsiders.


Off the financial Grid

1. Tourist love rugged mountains, green hills and rivers. River and mountain resorts can be center of Eco and cultural tourism.

2. The limited paper currency makes them spend less and small business thrive to survive. In such scenario, digital wallets can come handy.


Final Insight

Developing a friendly App with the motive of Easier to Spend

Routine activities: Make people learn and then shall we earn


A payment is just a simple payment. Even a layman must perform a payment without hassle. An application or a service developed around sophistication will create a vague in market.

Even in Nepal, most people don’t still have bank accounts but they do have mobile phones, this where digital wallet can come handy.

1. Make a platform to pay for almost anything, be it stationary, crockery, grocery, and everything. Implementing wallets only in big departmental store is not only going to work. It is to be implemented in people’s mind that payment is just a payment.

2. Make a platform for paying any amount be it 10, 50 , 100. The numbers are just numbers .They will definitely grow by time. Let people learn first with low risk.

3. Be a good portal for Youth activities like book movies, book swimming, book futsal tickets, book live streaming, and events tickets. This is the fruitful market segment and the promising one.

4. Help people pay Electricity bills, Water bills, mobile prepaid, postpaid, landline, school fees, broadband, cable television, internet, insurance and many more..



Developing country can be a hotbed of financial innovation. It is basic matter of demand and supply.


How to get started with?

1. Find reliable team and start in house App and website development. Application grows with time, so it needs a dedicated team to take care of it.

2. Linking Available gateways like Visa and MasterCard to the wallet.

3. Choosing the required payment gateway: hosted, self-hosted, API- based or a local bank integration.

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